There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking for a new home. Make sure you have a good checklist so you never miss a critical detail. Here is a list of the most overlooked house hunting details.

  1. Lot Grade – The house may look beautiful, but a steep grade can limit possibilities for expansion and landscaping drastically. The house can be on an acre lot – but how much of that acre is level or walk-able?
  2. Amount of Natural Light  – Thick tree cover can keep a home cool in the summer. Lots of windows will cause more heat to come in, but you will save on your electricity bill. If you are really interested in a property, see if you can visit it during different times of the day to get a feel for the amount of light.
  3. Animal Laws – Want chickens in your backyard? You are going to have to check town ordinances to make sure you are allowed to do what you would like on the property.
  4. The Neighborhood – Your realtors will never tell you that the neighborhood is bad.
    1. Use a crime mapping service like CrimeRports and SpotCrime.
    2. Check the national sex offender public website
    3. Look at neighborhood conditions.
    4. Check out number of homes for sale in the area – especially at a low price. Families may be leaving for reasons other than work.
  5. Hidden Costs – Property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Supplemental insurance. Utility bill. Look for all hidden costs associated with the home.

We hope this helps in your house hunting. As always, feel free to reach out to Colorado Springs Real Estate for your

5 Commonly Overlooked Home-Buying Details

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